Top 5 Best Email Cleaning Services For the Year 2020

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The most cost effective and also the quickest way to reach a targeted audience is of course via email marketing. The more subscribers you have, the more advantages you will get from your list. To be successful in email marketing, you really have to care about your list quality. This means that you have to check the email addresses for validity and remove bad emails. This way, you will avoid sending emails to invalid addresses, you will protect your email server domain from getting blacklisted and you will able manage to increase your email campaign performance.

Here is a list of 10 best data cleaning tools that helps in keeping the data clean and consistent to let you analyse data to make informed decision visually and statistically. Few of these tools are free, while others may be priced with free trial available on their website.



Hubuco is one of the most reliable tools for cleaning and validating email lists for entrepreneurs.

Hubuco main features

The software’s most essential features that are highly appreciated by first-time users who are looking for email list cleaning service include the following:

  • Founded, run and supported by email deliverability expert.
  • 99% or higher email email delivery rate guaranteed, please find more here:
  •  Trusted and reputable British company.
  • Fully GDPR compliant, based in the EU. Link to data processing agreement:
  • Email verification process: deduplication, domain check, MX record check, SMTP response check, catch all check, blacklist check, disposable email address check.
  • Special plans designed for regular users, especially great for API users.
  • Fastest email verification system on the market. On Rocket Plan you can verify up to 10,000 emails per minute.
  • Great reviews showing that our users love and recommend HuBuCo:

3.Verify 550:

Verify 550 is top rated software for email list cleaning & verification service ability. The software is very supportive in achieving a neat and clean email list. Whether it is spam emails, undelivered emails or the invalid addresses it can detect any type of unwanted file and capable of removing such files. Apart from list cleaning this software also helps in lead generation and hence helps in generating more revenue. Irrespective of your list size, this software ensures a delivery rate of more than 100.

Some of the best features of Verify 550 is given below:

  • Accuracy Rate more then 100%
  • Excellent 24/7 Support
  • Catch-All Domain Detection
  • Disposable Email Detection
  • Spam Trap Detection
  • Email Bounce Detection
  • Very reasonable price as compare to others
  • 1000 x faster
  • Upload list in any format

Above are the features which makes Verify 550 the 2nd in the list of top 10 best email cleaning software services in the world, View detailed Pricing plans for Verify 550.


A service for email verification combined with Appending (adding names, phones, etc.) and Blacklist monitoring (notifications about email abuse). Somewhat strange pricing plans, where bulk verification costs $1,000 for up to one million records… but what about if I have much smaller lists? eHygienics explains that they are primarily servicing email marketers so a monthly subscription is their chief model. Bottom line: not for everyone:

Some of the great features of eHygienics are given below.

  • Cost for 100K emails: N/A
  • Minimal order: $250
  • Verification accuracy: N/A
  • Bulk email verification: yes
  • Real-time API: yes
  • Processing time: N/A
  • List formats to upload: csv
  • List formats to download: csv
  • Free trial: yes, 100 emails
  • Syntax check: yes
  • Mailbox check: yes
  • Domain validation: yes
  • DEA detection: no
  • Greylisting: no
  • Duplication removal: yes
  • Spam-trap detection: no
  • Data protection: N/A
  • Additional features: Large database of spam traps (almost 10 million), email appending
  • Download/Installation required: no
  • Customer support:.

View detailed Pricing plans for eHygienics


QuickEmailVerification, one of the leading service-providers, helps you maintain a clean database by preventing incorrect or dead email addresses from entering into your database.

It can verify all the email addresses from your entire database. With the ability of verifying bulk emails, it has the capacity to verify thousands of emails within few minutes. Besides, you can also utilize its API to verify, in real-time, individual addresses as each address enters your mailing list.

QuickEmailVerification’s technology, with an accuracy over 95%, can classify addresses, based whether the email address is a catch-all, a disposable address, role-based and so on.


This brings us to the end. Hope you had a great time knowing about the email cleaning services. These tools are definitely the ones that will spice up your marketing strategies.

The service can help you identify the bad email addresses, the one that cannot be delivered, the ones that are unknown and the ones that are not functional anymore. The tool is offered for both business and individuals. You will also get the opportunity to check your bulk email lists, and all you have to do is to select the level matching your needs.

The email list cleaning service providers that we have mentioned and discussed above offer different features that make the difference between them and their competitors. It will be up to you to make the choice that will best suit your needs and also your budget for successful email marketing campaigns.

Are you using any of these software? Add your experience with the software in comment.

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