MilesWeb Review: Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider of 2020

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Are you planning to host a website having so much confidential information but are worried about
its security?
Websites with a huge customer base and confidential information like banking sites, shopping sites,
etc. need extra protection to limit hackers from peeking into them. If you are also planning for the
same kind of site, then this article is for you. Your website contains sensitive information about you
and your customers such as their banking details, personal information, address, etc. It’s your
responsibility that you don’t allow such information to pass on any unauthorized person. Thus, to
host such websites, you should always choose a dedicated server hosting in India.

What is a Dedicated Server?

In dedicated server hosting, your website gets hosted on a server that is not shared with any other website. The hosting resources are allocated separately to your site only. This avoids other sites to get your site’s access.
Many people don’t choose dedicated hosting and instead go for the other options like shared or VPS. There are a lot of best VPS hosting India and shared hosting providers available.
The reason is they find dedicated hosting costly. But, remember nothing is more costly than your site’s information. And, to solve this problem, MilesWeb has specially crafter cheap dedicated server hosting plans.
MilesWeb is already a trusted hosting company serving more than 20,000 happy customers. They studied about hosting business and found out how people can get dedicated hosting at cheap prices.
So, the plans are made considering every aspect, where people will have to pay less and get all the best of hosting features.

MilesWeb does not only provide hosting resources but also takes the responsibility of managing
your dedicated server. With the managed dedicated server you get the following benefits:
 Dedicated hosting server setup
 Control panel installation and configuration
 Third-party software installation
 Linux security and hardening
 CMS and Web application installation
 CSF Firewall installation and configuration
 Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
 Database optimization
 Network fine-tuning
 Server Performance fine-tuning
 Security Optimization
 Kernel patch updates
 Installation of security patches and updates
 Spam protection
 Dedicated performance optimization
 Dedicated migration
 Re-installing the OS
 rDNS setup

MilesWeb Dedicated Servers offers you all the best of hosting and server features like :
1) Host Unlimited Websites –
To enable you to work without any limitations, MilesWeb allows hosting multiple websites from a
single hosting account.
2) Choice of Operating System –
Select any OS from Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and RHEL, and your selected OS will be
installed on a Linux dedicated server.
3) Control Panel –
cPanel and Plesk both are available at MilesWeb.
4) SSH Root Access –
Every Linux dedicated server get the root access. As a user, you get complete control and freedom
to install your web applications on the server.
5) Dedicated IP –
You get a dedicated IP with each dedicated server in the USA, UK, Netherland, Germany, Czech,
Romania and Austria. Just by requesting through ticket you can also get additional IPs.
6) Server Management –
Cheap dedicated servers are unmanaged ones. If you want to opt for total server management
service then ask the tech support team and they will do it at a nominal price.
7) Service Level Agreement –
At MilesWeb you get the highest levels of networking uptime guaranteed. With 99.95% Uptime,
your website always remains up and running proudly.
8) Guaranteed High Performance –The servers are built to deliver superior performance that ensures even the most demanding web
server applications can run smoothly without any issues.
9) No Setup Contract –
The server setup is done for free and if you want it can be canceled anytime without any penalties.
Do you want to get your dedicated server migration for free?
MilesWeb has a team of experts having a migration experience of thousand websites effortlessly
without any downtime. They make sure that your website works flawlessly on the hosting
If you opt for server management service, then experts will move all your required files and
databases from old server to MilesWeb dedicated server.

Reasons to choose Dedicated Server are:
1) It can handle high traffic websites –
As the website gets mature, traffic on it also increases continuously, which can’t be handled by
shared hosting? So, in such a case, a dedicated server gives power to the website to run quickly,
reliably and interruption-free.
2) It is a good option for agencies with high profile clients –
If you are high profile agency having VIP clients, then a dedicated server is a perfect option to fulfill
your client needs.
3) It is good for large eCommerce websites –
Ecommerce websites cannot afford downtime in their running business, as it directly hampers their
sales. But, the dedicated server ensures that your online store can handle high traffic during busiest
hours also.
A dedicated server can handle all your hosting requirements.

Conclusion –

Dedicated hosting is a one-stop solution for all your web hosting needs. You won’t fall short of
resources, you will get high-end security, and also the speed is high. With MilesWeb you also get
support for 24/7 and 30 days money-back guarantee.

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